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Directorate of Seamen & Emigration Welfare

Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

Charter of Duties

Directorate of Seamen & Emigration Welfare



1. To act as the administrative head for supervising the offices of the Directorate and its subordinate at Chittagong and Khulna, Seamen’s Hostel, Chittagong and is responsible for overall administration of the Directorate.
2. To act as an adviser to the administrative Ministry, viz., the Ministry of Labour and Manpower on technical matters and on formulation of policies concerning the Directorate.
3. To act as the Principal Accounting Officer of the Directorate within the budget provision.
4. To be responsible for the administration and execution of functions of the Directorate as per the Acts, Rules and Regulations and directives issued by the Government from time to time.
5. To be responsible for proper functioning and discipline of the Directorate.
6. To provide executive and operational guidance to the regional field officers and their staff and exercise control and supervision over them.
7. To be responsible for appointing Class-II, Class-III and Class-IV employees of the Directorate as per existing procedure.
8. To be responsible for issuing clear standing orders laying down the maximum extent of delegation of powers to the officers serving under him.
9. To control and supervise the work of the Directorate.
10. To represent the Directorate and where personal representation is not possible and to select representative on his behalf.
11. To grand casual leave to Class-I Officers, Earned Leave,Recreation Leave and Casual Leave to all staff working     under him.
12. To meet all officers under him located in the same station once in a month and to review cases pending for disposal for  over a month.
13. To inspect his Office at least once in a month and field at least once in a quarter in addition to annual inspection.
14. To allocate duties of Officers as and when required.
15. To ensure revenue collection where applicable and safeguard  Government property under his charge.
16. To be responsible for maintaining proper security measure of the Directorate.
17. Any other duties assigned by the Government.



1. To act in the place of Director when he is away on tour;
2. To assist. the Director in his works, to perform the works as allocated to him by the Director;
3. To attend under the control and supervision of the Director, all the welfare works connected with the merchant seamen at the ports;
4. To control and supervise the running of the seamen’s Hostel, Chittagong;
5. To visit ships calling at the ports of Bangladesh to check provisions of stores accommodation, weights and measures, medical arrangement etc. (statutory).



1. To act as the administrative head of the Regional Office at the respective ports;
2. To visit the ships and inspect the provisions and water, medicines and appliances, weights and measures and accommodation under Section 91 of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1923;
3. To protect the service conditions of seafarers;
4. To provide the seamen with amenities ashore and afloat;
5. To give monetary assistance to seamen in distress;
6. To arrange burial of deceased seamen in ports;
7. To arrange medical treatment for ailing seamen;
8. To arrange repatriation of destitute seamen;
9. To visit hospitals to see and enquire into the wellbeing of the seamen patients;
10. To visit Hostels, Club and Lathi Houses to see the living Conditions of seamen;
11. To give legal advice to seamen;
12. To arrange reconciliation and settle dispute between seamen  and seamen, seamen and employers and ships’ officers afloat;
13. To assist seamen in realizing the balance of wages from the  Employers;
14. To assist seamen in getting pension, compensation and other Claims;
15. To help solve domestic problems including dispute over Properties in absence of the seamen on voyage, to ensure  Payment of remittance from abroad for family subsistence  etc.; and
16. To do all other works which are directly or indirectly   Connected with the promotion of welfare of seamen.