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Directorate of Seamen & Emigration Welfare

The Directorate of Seamen & Emigration welfare was established under the International labour organization (ILO) Recommendation No.48 of 1936 regarding welfare of Seamen. It was created under the central Government of British India. After 1947 the Directorate of Seamen & Emigration Welfare was placed under Ministry of Labour & Manpower, Central Government of Pakistan. The Directorate of Seamen and Emigration Welfare was reorganized in 1st October 1971 amalgamating the then existing three Departments, viz. a. Directorate of Seamen’s Welfare, b. Protectorate of Emigrants, and c. National Employment Bureau, With a view to implementing the provisions of the ILO Conventions and Recommendations ratified and accepted by the Government for the purpose of boosting up the output of this sector of national economy engaged in earning the much needed foreign exchange. This Directorate has been found to be functioning in all other countries of World having sea-ports and international shipping/maritime activities/ operations as an essential part of their national economic activities. It is all the more important for a developing country like Bangladesh with its increasing maritime activities both as a member nation of the ILO and the IMO. The Seamen Hostel was established in 1962 for the Temporary accommodation of Seafarers along with transportation, recreation, communication and other facilities. This Directorate was transferred under the Ministry of Shipping on 3rd December in 1989.